Wednesday, 28 August 2013

♡ Boston ♡

So, as many if you probably know, this summer I was finally able to go on the trip I've been waiting for since I was 11 - I went to America.

I had been to America when I was younger with my family; once to Orlando, Florida when I was 7 (and we went to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios and it was so great), and again to Florida when I was 11 where we were victims to Hurricane Charlie and had to move to a hotel as the house we were renting got destroyed but we still had an amazing time.
Ever since then, I've wanted to go back and live there for good. I used to look up houses and insist that we move there; I looked up apartments when I was a bit older and started to dream that I'd move out there alone eventually. Financially, my family couldn't afford to go on holiday there. There's five of us and the flights alone would cost £5,000! Eek. 

This summer, my best friend, Martha, suggested I go out to stay with her in Boston. Her mum works there and has a house there, and she had suggested it before but financially it wasn't feasible at the time. This year, it was different though. It was my 21st birthday and my parents wanted to get me something extra special. They had given my twin brother an early present of money to do a road trip around France for a month, so they agreed they would give me the same amount and put it towards the flights, and I would pay for the rest with the money I earned from work!

I didn't believe the day would actually come where I flew out, but it did and I took an evening flight out, sat alone between two American girls around the same age as me which was nice. Martha met me at the airport in Boston and our adventure began!

The weather for the first day was rainy which sucked but it was a good excuse to do a little (a LOT) of retail therapy! All of the things I bought I will blog about in later posts as requested! We also ate loads of typical American foods like Dunkin' Donuts (although, dare I say it, I prefer Krispy Kremes) and Chipotles (similar to Mission Burrito here). For dinner we went into central Boston (we got the train and the "T" which is their version of the subway) to meet Martha's cousin and wife for dinner in the nicest restaurant.

On the second day, we went to the beach to see some of Martha's family friends, and on the way home stopped for an ice cream at the cutest roadside ice cream shop! We went home to have lunch and chill by the pool for a bit, before showering and heading to the mall (again, oops). We also got our nails done with Shellac and had a pedicure at the mall which was so nice!

On the third day, we went to a different beach and took a big picnic with us which was so nice. The day went by so quickly and we had to get ready pretty quickly for the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert at Fenway stadium. It was amazing, the place wasn't completely full but the atmosphere was unreal. We had really good seats considering we'd booked them fairly late, and all I can say is that Jessica Biel is one lucky woman. They did some really good covers, revived some of the classics and did some duets, although the show was mostly JT by himself, with Jay Z popping up occasionally. SO so good though. The train journey back wasn't ideal, with some drunk guy trying to talk to us and saying really sick, inappropriate things :( BUT we had an amazing night and got home safe and that's all that matters!

Day four was probably my favourite day in Boston. We drove into central Boston and parked in a mall and walked to Newburt Street. I can't really describe what Newbury Street is like because there isn't a UK alternative that I've been to myself. It's got loads of really nice shops and cupcake places but they're in what seems to be converted townhouses. You have to go either up steps or down them to get into a shop, and it just had such a nice atmosphere! We stopped for lunch at a place called Cafeteria and shared calamari and a salad which was perfect. I had my very first Pinkberry (peanut butter frozen yoghurt with Reese's Pieces, mochi, and brownie bites) which is so much better and cheaper than any UK equivalent I've been to! It was so hard to choose what I wanted! We went to a few different shops which I'll blog about separately! We also went to Georgetown cupcakes and bought some to take home (I bought a milk chocolate one and a toffee crunch one) which were delicious! That night, we went to dinner at their favourite local restaurant with Martha's mum and the family friends previously mentioned. I ate until I was almost sick but the food was so good. America really know how to do it!

Day five, six and seven were in New York so wait for that blog post!
But day eight was our last day in America. We went to Target and then spent most of the day by the pool. A guy Martha works with at the Abercrombie out there came by too with his boyfriend and her mum cooked us a barbecue and it was just lovely. Then we finished packing, panicked over the weight of our suitcases, and headed to the airport (me with my one suitcase, Martha with three as she had been in Boston for seven weeks).

It was so sad to go, and I wish I was back there. I had the best time, and I couldn't be more grateful for Martha and her mum for letting me stay and for Martha being my personal chauffeur and tour guide. They've invited me back next summer so I'm going to try to save up and hopefully be able to afford it! It really was the trip of a lifetime, and if it wasn't for the fact that the day after I came back I was going to France with my family and my boyfriend, I would be in such a grump to this day!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you've enjoyed it!
Have any of you been to America?

Until next time!


  1. I am so jealous of your trip! I want to visit the US at some point as well :) x

    1. You really should! It was amazing. I would love to go again, and hopefully can sometime in the future, but it's just incredibly expensive and something I'll have to start saving up for again! x

  2. Sounds like you had a ton of fun. Glad you could enjoy my home ( aka sweet America)

    1. I had an amazing time, thank you! Very jealous you get to live in such a wonderful place! x

  3. you must had the best time, really want to go and do you watch dc cupcakes, it is the show that made me discover georgetown cupcakes. xxxx ps. your instagram is beautiful. xx big fan.

    1. Thank you so much! It really was the trip of a lifetime! I'd recommend going to anyone who can. I've watched various shows on cakes but don't think I've watched DC Cupcakes, is it any good? x