Sunday, 8 December 2013

Drugstore Haul #1

So recently, I was a little bit naughty and had a splurge. Boots, my favourite "drugstore" in the UK, was having an offer where if you spent above £50, you received £12 worth of points on your loyalty card for every £50 spend and, naturally, I took part! It meant that I could stock up on some lovely products while reaping my benefits (or saving them for a rainy day) whilst I did so!

I'll start with lip products this time as I always seem to leave them until last and thought I'd mix it up! Not that I'm lacking in the lipstick department or anything, but I've realised that I don't have many dark or neutral colours in my collection and this needed sorting out! I picked up to lipsticks from a range that I hadn't noticed before - Rimmel Moisture Renew. I bought two, one in Latino, a lovely muted and natural pink, and Sloane's Plum, a deep purple. I've been reaching for these types of colours a lot lately, especially with this colder weather. I think they go nicely with knitwear and darker Autumn make up looks. I've also been loving my Bourjois Color Boost lip crayons in the colours I already have them in, so obviously picked up one of the new colours they've added called Plum Passion. It's super moisturising and hydrating aswell as adding a lovely colour to the lips that is fairly sheer but definitely buildable!

Secondly, I bought some "necessities". I've been loving the new L'oreal EverRiche range but found that, although it smelt incredible, it left my hair feeling a little too moisturised and after a while my hair felt quite greasy. I thought I'd opt for the EverRiche range, which is catered towards coloured hair. It smells of Rosemary and Mint which is lovely but I'm starting to dislike the smell the more I use it which isn't ideal! I wish it smelled the same as the other one because it's just soooo nice. This one leaves my hair feeling cared for, though, which is really nice! 
I also bought another L'or √©al Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution as I have almost finished the one I am currently on. I use this to remove my make up with a cotton pad and it's really gentle! I decided to purchase the Velvety Soft Toner with it as well and it smells so lovely! It's quite a thick consistency though, and I find that it doesn't absorb into the cotton pad as well as the Micellar solution does so I have to be careful not to spill it everywhere!

I've been really into taking care of my skin lately and have heard of cleansing oils so looked up some I could get from Boots and came across the Sanctuary Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil. The smell is... interesting. I like my products to smell nice, and this doesn't really smell of anything at all which is a little sad because it's something you rub all over your face. It definitely removes most of my make up but I still like to go over with my L'oreal Micellar Solution to get rid of any that is remaining.
I also picked up a Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm which is a little pot that looks adorable! I've been using this about once or twice a week, depending on when I have time to give myself a mini manicure! It's keeping my cuticles very happy.

And finally are some more "necessities". I picked up another balmi lipbalm in peppermint because I have the strawberry one but felt like something a little more refreshing! I really like them, and I guess they're the UK's version of eos balms?
I also picked up an Origins Super Spot Remover because every since Georgia mentioned it when we went shopping, I've been thinking of purchasing it. I hardly ever get spots but when I do, they don't want to go for a long time. I normally get them when I'm super stressed (for example, right now, because I'm almost at the end of my final teaching placement) and it's been really useful lately! It's quite strong and I wouldn't recommend using it during the day because it leaves a sort of film when it dries so it's definitely a night time option. For day time, I'd recommend the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Wand because it's a really cheap and useful option!

Have you bought anything from Boots recently that you love?

Until next time!


  1. I have sloanes plum, its my favourite lipstick!!♡
    Serena xo

  2. ooh i cant wait to go back to boots! xx

    1. They're having another event soon! So many good deals at the moment :)

  3. I want to try the Balmi lip balm! Gonna have to take a trip to boots tomorrow I think :p xoxo

    1. They're really nice and refreshing :) I hope you like it as much as I do!