Thursday, 20 February 2014

American Christmas Box!

Over the past ten or so months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a beautiful and lovely young lady called Mia. We have been talking ever since and get on like a house on fire. She really, truly, has become one of my closest friends and I can tell her everything. The only issue is that Mia lives in America, which is preeeeetty far (over 3,500 miles between our two cities to be exact!) so we have both decided to share our differences and take part in package swaps!
*Photo taken from tumblr

We don't do this too often, and recently we had a "special" swap because Christmas was coming up. I sent her a normal box about two months prior so then sent her another Christmassy themed box closer to the time, and she sent one big box in between. We try to stick to a budget but it just doesn't happen! I'm so lucky to be able to do this with someone as I love America, always have and always will. I love everything about it but mostly the things you can buy! My god, they have the best stuff over there! I could literally live in their shops haha! I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead and stop babbling on about my love and just begin to show you what the lovely lady sent me! So here goes.

Starting with yummy goodies - Tootsie Rolls, Take 5, Cracker Jacks, Candy Cane Pop Rocks, Dots, Nerds, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Sno-Caps and two tea bags of her favourite tea - Numi Chocolate Pu-Erh which is really nice!

Moving on to bath and body (and lord knows I love Bath&Body Works), she sent me the shower gel, body lotion and body spray of two seasonal scents - Twisted Peppermint (so refreshing!) and Vanilla Bean Noël (super vanilla-y, I smell like vanilla yoghurt after!), and a Merry Marshmallow body lotion. Since we're on B&BW, I'll add in that she also sent me two hand sanitisers in Melting Marshmallow and Angel Food, three mini candles (in Twisted Peppermint, Mint Chocolate and Merry Cookie) and a huge Warm Vanilla Spice candle which weighs a tonne and I don't even want to think how much it must've cost to post! There was also an eos vanilla shave cream which smells ahhhhmazing!

Now onto make up - my favourite! She put together a cute little make up bag from Ulta with lots of lovely things inside which were also from Ulta! Inside was an eye make up brush set, a mascara, a lipstick, lipgloss, blush and eyeshadow quad. Then onto high end make up, a gorgeous MAC essentials brush set from their Divine Nights collection, and a NARS palette from the Guy Bourdain collection.
Aswell as all of these, she was kind enough to pick up some brushes from MAC for me - the Divine Nights Essential Brush Set (which consists of - from left to right - a large angled contour brush, an angled foundation brush, a flat definer brush, a blending brush, and an eye shader brush), and the 209 eyeliner brush.

I cannot wait to use all of these goodies - I've been waiting to write and photograph this post first! As I said before, I feel so lucky to have found such a lovely friend and am so grateful for Mia and all of the lovely things she sends me!

Have any of you ever done a package swap?

Until next time!


  1. Ahh this looks so adorable! I love the 209 brush when doing my eyeliner! <3

  2. Wow what a prezzie! Those brushes look lovely :) x

  3. This was so sweet! Love all of the Bath & Body Works goodies you received!

    x Sarah x

  4. I love your blog ! I have nominated you for a Liebster award :)!

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