Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Top 5 High End Products

As I've said before, and I'll say it again, I'm a massive sucker for high end make up. I've been branching out and trying more drugstore make up recently than I ever had before and have been pleasantly surprised, however there are a few high end products that I think the drugstore just will never be able to beat. (Yes, that is a challenge)
First up is my favourite blush of all time - Benefit Coralista (£25.50). I love the colour coral and this blush is just the perfect thing for me. It's a gorgeous coral pink that I love using on my cheekbones to add that girly, sunkissed look. The smell of it brings me back to the summer when I bought it and I honestly don't know how I had lived without it for so long - I use it all the time.

Second is my MAC Fluidline gel liner in Blacktrack (£15). Over the past few years I've gone from using a liquid eyeliner to a gel, but only recently (summer 2013) invested in a high end gel liner and I'm so happy I did. The consistency is amazing and doesn't leave any sort of flakiness when applying. My drugstore one used to dry up really quickly and wouldn't apply well but the MAC one applies like a dream - so smooth! It also doesn't transfer to the top of my eyes like my old one did after a few hours, it stays exactly where it is supposed to be! Well worth the money and there's so much in such a tiny pot!

Third and fourth are kinda combined as they're both from Urban Decay and are both to do with keeping make up in place. First of the two is the Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion (£16). I know that there are a few of these Primer Potions (four to be exact) and that each has its own individual finish, depending on how you'd prefer for it to be. It took me ages to decide which I wanted when I bought this about a year ago, but I settled on the Original. It leaves a lovely, smooth finish on my eyelids which is perfect for then applying eyeshadow and it is a very neutral nude colour as well so it doesn't detract from whatever colour I'm applying. My eye makeup stays on all day with this and it's lasting me so long! Second is my All Nighter Setting Spray (£9 for 30ml, £20 for 118ml). I bought this in a small size in Sephora in the summer and only use it when I'm going on a night out but my make up does not budge an inch when I use this! It's oil free so doesn't make your face shiny in the slightest and you can't feel that you're wearing it. I used to use hairspray as a cheap alternative and the stiff feeling after using that is so nasty. So many people have actually asked me how my make up is so perfect even at the end of the night and it's probably thanks to these cheeky two products (and my MAC primer which I mentioned in my MAC collection post).

Then last, but definitely not least, is my lovely, beautiful NARS Bronzer in Laguna (£27). My sister bought me this for Christmas and it's just perfect for contouring - a skill which I am still yet to master but am slowly but surely getting there. It's got a lovely deep colour to it, with a slight shimmer, and is very buildable. I personally use it for contouring but I have once before used it lightly all over to give me a more sunkissed look and my boyfriend, who saw me that morning, noticed that I looked healthier and tanned (but not in a fake way) all of a sudden.

So there you have it, my top five high end products. These are probably subject to change in the future as I'm so addicted in investing in more things to try and am constantly falling in love with new things, but that's the fun of make up! That, and the fact that so many amazing new products keep coming out, means that there may be a few more posts like this!

What are your favourite high end products?

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    1. You should! Asking for some as a birthday present is a good idea if you're certain you want them! :)