Friday, 21 March 2014

American Swap #4

As I've said before, I'm very lucky to have lovely friends overseas whom I have met through unconventional ways. This package swap was done with one of my favourite people in the whole world, Mia. We've done several package swaps but this has probably been my favourite so far!
Starting on the Bath & Body Works body products - I love the Pink Chiffon scent. It's one that I picked up when I was in America in the summer and it's gorgeous. I'm also obsessed with Vanilla so I think Mia has pretty much got me summed up when it comes to fragrances and I am sorted for smelling good for the next month or two! She sent me a travel sized Pink Chiffon shower gel, the Pink Chiffon body spray and a large Pink Chiffon body lotion alongside a travel sized Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion. Mmmmm :)
Also from Bath & Body Works are the amazing hand sanitizers. I received one in, who guessed it, Pink Chiffon, which is a permanent scent. I believe the other four are seasonal; Ice Cream Dream, Pink Vanilla Macaron, Plum Berry Sorbet and Cherry London. These little PocketBacs are so useful for popping into a handbag for when I'm on the go, and they smell so good.
To add to my ever growing and ever loved eos collection, are three balms in Vanilla, Sweet Mint and Pomegranate Raspberry. These came in a little set from Christmas and are so cute! I know that eos is available in the UK now and whilst I do like their balms, I wouldn't pay the £5 or so that they are going for - it's just a little too much in my opinion. Also with them is a gorgeous Cucumber hand lotion - I can't even tell you how useful this is to carry around. It's such a perfect size and smells so fresh.
What I'm super excited about are the Revlon Parfumerie polishes Mia sent me. I received Wild Violets, China Flower, and Watermint. As you can see, the colour payoff from these is amazing - and they really do smell! Wild Violets is probably my favourite because of both the colour and scent. I can't really smell the China Flower scent but I definitely can smell the Watermint and it's lovely. The scent stays on your nails for ages too. I can't wait until they (hopefully) bring these to the UK!
To feed my ever hungry sweet tooth are my favourite gummy worms - Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers. I was obsessed with these in the summer and wish they would bring them over here! We used to have Trolli sweets but I haven't seen them since I was a kid. Does anyone know if we still do? Also with the yummies was a packet of Brookside Dark Chocolate covered Acai berries which had a blueberry flavour to them. I didn't think I'd like these as I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate or dried fruit but oh my they were incredible. My flatmate had to actually take them off me because I couldn't stop eating them. Also were the cutest little things ever - Peeps. They were so cute I almost couldn't eat them (but I definitely did eat them). They were chocolate dipped strawberry flavour chicks of heaven and I think trying them has developed an obsession. Oops.
Then onto candles. Are you ready for this? I received a large 3-wick Watermelon Lemonade which smells so fresh - I can't wait until the weather really picks up so I can burn this and be extra Summer-y.
To add to my Winter-y scents is another, larger, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin - there is so much spice packed into this one and it's lovely and cosy.
I didn't own any medium sized jars until these arrived, and I am so glad I do now! There is the Nutmeg & Spice one which I bought for my parents in the Summer and regretting not picking one up for myself. There's also a Peach Bellini one and a Hot Buttered Rum one. I'm not sure if these scents are permanent like Nutmeg & Spice but they should be! Peach Bellini is very sweet but a little citrus-y aswell. Hot Buttered Rum is probably one of my favourite scents from B&BW - it smells exactly like Butterscotch flavour Angel Delight (please tell me I'm not the only person who was obsessed with this as a kid?!). Brings back so many memories and smells edible.
Onto the cute little jars which I love - my new favourite seasonal scent Market Peach (which, as you can probably guess, smells just like peaches). Mia also sent me her favourite scent, Cider Leaf, which is a lovely warming smell and would be amazing in the hallway of a home. From their seasonal range (as well as Market Peach), is Raspberry Peach Macaron which is sweet but not sickly at all, and Tiki Beach which makes me think of coconuts and sun lotion and Summer.
Some cute little magnets were also popped in there, and they have found a loving home on my radiator. I think they're very suited to University life and the stress I am currently under, no?!
Mia said that this stuff is amazing, and I can't wait until I am a little more tanned until I can use it! It's the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation in the shade 810. I swatched it on my hand and it blends beautifully with great coverage and doesn't become cakey at all.
Also on the make up front is the cutest little elf palette in the shade smoky. I can definitely see me using this a lot for darker make up looks! 
Now onto higher end make up! I'd been lusting after these Anastasia products for ages and I know that they are available in the UK but I just couldn't justify the price at the time but look! Here we are! And you know what? They're so worth it. First is the Clear Brow Gel which has helped keep my thick eyebrows in place. I was using a clear mascara before and it was ok, but this stuff is so much better. As well as that is the Brow Wiz brow pencil in the shade Brunette. The spooly is really firm and really grabs each hair to pull it gently into the direction you want it to go, and the super thin crayon makes those little brush strokes look completely natural. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when the time comes!
And lastly (but definitely not least!) is the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. Missglamorazzi goes on about this so much and I can see why! The felt nib is super slim which makes application so easy and it really does stay all day! It's waterproof which is a massive bonus and I just love it so much.

Well there we go! That was a big post - sorry! I hope you managed to keep up with me and I tried not to ramble too much - honest!

Have you ever done a package swap? Are there any of these products that you'd like to try?

Until next time!


  1. wow, you received so much! lovely products! x

  2. What nail polish are you wearing in the pictures, it's so pretty x