Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Autumn Winter Wishlist

So, as Autumn descends, it's only right that I have a little wishlist of things I think would be perfect for Autumn and that I wish can one day be mine!

Now, no woman is ever complete without a bag. Am I right, ladies? Since being at work this summer I have been surrounded by the most incredible bags and I quite literally want them all. Unfortunately, I cannot have them all. I always walk past a poster of Michael Kors and, being the big Michael Kors fan that I am, I've fallen in love with the bag in it! It's the Large Selma Saffiano Tote, and I can keep on dreaming because I can't justify $378 on a bag at all! (Unsure of the UK price!) I saw a young girl wearing it and had massive bag envy, the blue is just so lovely and gah. I need help.

Ever since I have been back from America I have been in love with a pair of boots. Yes, love can blossom between human and shoes. Martha bought a pair when we were in New York and I had run out of money to buy my own so could only look on in lust, but now being back in the UK I have found out that I can get hold of them here, it will happen. They're the Steve Madden Albany knee-length boots in black. I've never owned a pair of knee length boots - at least, that I've bought myself - but for some reason I really want these. Maybe because Martha is such a good model and made them look so great on her that I realised I need some! They're plain black but with little straps around the ankle, and the cutest little gold detailing above the heel. At £135, I think they'd be a great investment!

Now, I love my perfumes, and I've discovered a fragrance that I have absolutely fallen in love with - Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. I'm not normally one for the floral perfumes, except Marc Jacobs's Daisy, but this is so perfectly classy and gorgeous. I'm terrible and describing scents but there's something about the muskiness in this perfume that is comforting and I just need it. But, again, at £65 for 50ml of the eau de parfum, it's not cheap. It would most definitely be worth it though, as it's perfect for the Autumn weather traditions of getting warm and cosy.

Then there comes something I've been toying with the idea of buying for a while - the Clarisonic (specifically the Mia 2). I have heard many a blogger and YouTuber rave about it but at £125 for essentially a cleansing brush, I've been reluctant. But the more I think about it, the more I want it. After all, there must be a reason people love it so much and surely with the price comes great quality? Martha has one and showed me how much dirt it cleaned from her pores after a day in New York. Let's just say that it definitely cleans them! So, even with the rather (very) expensive price tag, I think it will be something that I will, again, invest in!

On the clothing front, a Burberry trench coat is one of those iconic jackets that I've always thought are perfect for Autumn - a season where it's cold enough for a coat but not a thick one. The Mid-Length Garbadine Trench Coat, at the heartbreaking price of £795, is perfect for this season, and is one of those coats I have always thought looked beautiful on everyone. It has a striking silhouette and, when joined by tight jeans and ankle boots, would be so perfect for me! (Keep on dreaming, Soph!)

I've come to the conclusion that I have ridiculously expensive taste. I blame my mother. But, like I said, this post is a wishlist and I will probably, sadly, never get any of the above items purely because of their price. But if I had all the money in the world, you now know what I'd buy in preparation for this Autumn!

What's on your Autumn wishlist?

Until next time!

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