Saturday, 16 November 2013

♡ America - Sephora Haul ♡

I thought I would do a post of the products I bought in Sephora as I was able to pick up a mix of items there and I want to share them with you!

So, Sephora. Can I just start by saying how much I wish there was a Sephora in the UK?! I mean, come on guys, why're you taking so long?! The place is amazing. It's the place to go to when you want mid to high end cosmetic products, and it's genuinely one of my dream shops. I await the day they open one in the UK and when they do, I will move in. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money in Sephora during my trip. I actually spent so much that I boosted Martha's rewards card up two levels - woops!

I'll begin with the bigger products. None of the following products are items I actually intended to buy but they're all lovely and I'm very happy I did!

First is the Too Faced Endless Summer 16 Hour Bronzer. I bought this because Martha had it and I borrowed it one night and loved it! She had hit the pan and was trying to savour it before having to buy a new one, and I can understand why. It's a lovely golden brown, emphasis on the golden, that doesn't have a shimmer but adds a really lovely sun-kissed glow and it really buildable. I'm super pale so bronzer is great but I don't want one that's too orange or too strong and this is just perfect! (Sorry for my nails in the swatches, I was experimenting!)

The second item is a Korres Lip Butter Glaze in the colour Athens. Again, on Martha's advice because I tried hers a really liked it. It's a relatively small tube but is a really smooth, natural lipgloss and I don't normally wear lipgloss but it's so perfect for a very simple everyday make up look. They have quite a few different colours to choose from (I think about 10 maybe?), and the formula is relatively thick and not too sticky at all. It also smells like sweets and I always like that!

I'm sorry, I lied above. This item was something I had planned to buy - a glass nail file. Being nail obsessed, I go through disposable files like nobody's business so I thought I'd get a glass file and I love it so far! I bought a standard Sephora's own brand one in a pink colour because why not! It's really good at filing (duh) but in the sense that it files quite a lot of your nail without you having to work too hard and doesn't damage your nail nearly as much as a regular file. It doesn't dull down and only needs a clean, and comes with a cute little case to protect it from smashing wherever you take it (although I don't let it leave my room because I'm accident prone).

The fourth item is something that I have a bone to pick with Sephora about actually. When you queue up to pay, they have loads of smaller sized products in the aisles to tempt you to add little things or just try them (like Topshop and River Island do!). My problem is that they are all really good products, not any kind of crap they want to shift, and because they are smaller sizes they are therefore cheaper (but still not cheap) and more likely for me to buy. So here we are, and I've got an Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I've seen this around but wasn't sure whether it was worth it because plain old hairspray is a cheaper option but the smaller size and price meant that I wasn't going to break the bank but could still try it. And I love it! I'm definitely going to repurchase. It smells really nice, and I was using it every day for my work make up  this summer. It's definitely made a difference and my make up was pretty much perfect when I arrived home 12 hours after applying it - success!

The last item is, again, one I picked up in the aisle but it was one I had been eyeing up. I really like the "minis" they have and wish we had these types of high end minis in the UK! But it's the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. It's really light and absorbs almost instantly, and the scent is also very mild. I haven't used it a lot but when I have, it's made my face feel so soft and moisturised and it's most probably going to be another repurchase for me but we'll see because it's a little pricey!

If I had all the money in the world - I would most definitely have bought the whole store. I literally had to restrain myself from buying more but I absolutely love the place (incase you didn't get that little hint) and I'm praying they bring one to the UK along with all the products they sell in the US ones!

Have any of you been to Sephora? What were your favourite products from there?

Until next time!

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