Sunday, 10 November 2013

The I-Blame-Georgia Haul

Now, for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll know that the other week I finally met one of my best friends from there - Georgia (can be found on Instagram here and on her blog here). We began speaking about 4/5 months ago and have been so close ever since. We both decided that we needed to meet up for a shopping trip and so we set the date and when it happened, my god did we do some damage.

I think you can guess why I've called this haul the I-Blame-Georgia Haul, and that's because I blame her completely for the money I spent that day because once we both entered Boots, it's fair to say it took a long time for us both to re-emerge! I'm so happy I had someone who actually wanted to go around Boots with me and talk beauty products other than my reluctant boyfriend (he genuinely bans me from buying more than one item at a time because "you've already got something like that, Soph!").

I had the loveliest day and evening with Georgia, and met her family and her gorgeous little bubba Lily! I can't wait until the next time I'm back from Uni and we can do it again!

So let's begin!

Starting with the face, our first stop was the Liz Earle range, and we both gave in to this one here. I used to have her Hot Cloth Cleanser when I was about 14 as a gift from my mum but I really wasn't bothered by make up etc at that point in my life so I think it just gathered dust and was eventually thrown away. Recently I've rediscovered Liz Earle and have been craving the Hot Cloth Cleanser again and so when I saw that the little set (with two muslin cloths) was around £14, I had to! I've used it a couple of times since (I'm trying to finish my Simple Foaming Cleanser first) and love it. I'm a sucker for warm things and love that you get to put a hot towel on your face so it's just great. It smells really good too, and it great at removing left over make up! I still use the L'oréal Micellar Solution before to remove most of my make up.

We popped to the Soap and Glory aisle, as I love the stuff, and I noticed that a few of their products have had a restyle! The packaging on some looks different and I really like it! So much so, that I bought the Daily Youth Foamy Moisture Face Wash because it was PINK! I really get sucked in by nice packaging eek help! But I really like this. Like, a lot. It smells quite minty and leaves my face feeling tingly and I love that! The micro beads are not too abrasive so it doesn't feel like my skin is literally being scrubbed off, but is a nice refreshing way to clean your face! I use this in the shower and then use a cleanser afterwards. I also picked up an eye cream from Soap and Glory - the Youthful Rejuvinating Eye Cream. I knew I would be starting my placement back at school teaching which meant early mornings to get to school and late nights filled with lesson planning so my eyes needed something. I've never really tried an eye cream before but this one definitely does something! I use it every morning and just pat it in under my eyes. Normally by now, three weeks in, I would have huge dark circles but I really don't! I don't know what magic they've put in this but it's definitely worth the price tag (around £10)!

Moving onto make up, I bought Bourjois's Poudre de Riz de Java. It's the company's 150 year anniversary and they've brought back some of their old classics - this is a fine finishing powder that has a lovely illuminating glow to it, and it comes in the cutest old-fashioned packaging. I'm a sucker for limited edition things and so did not hesitate to drop this cheeky number in my basket! It will make a really pretty highlighter when concentrated and layered, but also makes a really lovely finish when used subtly leaving a fresh glow.

I also purchased the L'oréal Brow Artist Super Line in the colour 03 Brunette. Georgia was looking at this and when I saw it I knew I needed it. It's just an eyebrow pencil - but not just any eyebrow pencil. It's double ended. On one end you have the pencil with the comb/brush on the lid, and on the other you have a waxy pencil for shaping your eyebrows and keeping them in place. How great is that?! I've been wanting a brow gel for a while as my eyebrows are quite thick - just how I like them - but it means that they tend to lose their shape sometimes and need that extra hold. And now I've found it! I love this, would definitely repurchase it but I'm hoping to try a brow gel once I finish this so may not juuust yet.

Third in the make up department, I bought myself another Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade 053 Sorbet. It's such a pretty, vibrant pink in comparison to the one I bought a few weeks before, in the shade 027 Juicy Papaya, which was more sheer than I thought it would be. The lip butters are super moisturising which I love, and Sorbet is really pigmented so it's great for when I'm feeling fun and girly and pink!

Moving onto hair care, I bought TRESemmé's Heat Defence Styling Spray to protect my hair as I use a lot of heat on it and it can't be very good! It has such a great application as the mist is so fine and even so it covers a lot of my hair without settling in one area. It also smells really good, like that really fruity shampoo smell. Mmmmm! I also bought VO5's High Volume Hairspray because I needed a new hairspray and it was in a pink bottle. I'm not a huge fan of rock solid hair so didn't want one that was an extreme hold but I like to have a bit of volume added to my hair as it's quite heavy and can weigh any style down, and this has proved to be great so far!

Then onto nails. I may have splurged on something I would normally not do but I had a YOLO moment and just did it. I bought a set of the Revlon By Marchesa Nail Art Appliqués in the style Royal Burgundy. They are so pretty!!! Normally I'm really against these kind of things because why buy a nail appliqué when you can just paint your nails? It's expensive! But these are burgundy and gold and have a really pretty vintage pattern to them that I could never replicate with polish. I'm saving them for a very special occasion (I don't have one yet, anyone want to invite me to one?!) because they're too nice to use for anything else! I also restocked on my favourite drugstore nail polish remover - Sally Hansen's Strengthening Polish Remover. It's pink (again, yay!) but also for soft, thin nails which mine are! In my opinion it does make a difference because when I use other removers for any nail type, my nails feel softer and more damaged.

Lastly, I bought a Body Shop Body Butter in the flavour/scent Vinyard Peach because I love peaches and peaches love me and together we make a happy family. I have about a million body lotions but go through them so fast so I'm always needing more! And now winter is coming, my skin gets super dry, so these super moisturising (and delicious smelling) body butters are going to be amazing!

Aaaaaand that's it. As I said earlier, I had the best time with Georgia. I'm sure that when I'm next home from Uni we can do it again (especially as she's now doing a beauty course and needs to buy lots of beauty products - really, she needs to!). 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What new products have you tried lately?

Until next time!


  1. Haha loved this! Exactly, I need to get these things so I don’t feel so bad aha

    1. I like to think of them as "necessities" aha! xx